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Cancellation and Refund policy

Once you cancel and we receive your return , a refund is issued to the original payment method (in case of pre-paid transactions) or to your bank account / (in case of Pay on Delivery orders).

The refund time period for different modes of payments is provided below.

Prepaid Order:

  1. Credit Card/ Debit Card & Net Banking Account (Credited to Bank Account) - 3-5 Business Days
  2. UPI Linked Bank Account - 2-4 Business Days

Pay on Delivery: 

  1. NEFT to Bank Account - 3-5 Business Days

  • If the standard time-frame as mentioned in the above table has expired and you have still not received the refund, please contact your credit or debit card issuer or your bank for more information. Refunds will not be processed in cash. Refunds can be processed via paper cheque only in exceptional cases.
  • If the payment method, which you used to make the payment (such as credit/ debit card) at the time of purchase, is no longer valid, refund will be issued through a demand draft.
  • If we receive a payment failure notice from your bank, refund will be issued through a demand draft.
  • We will send you an e-mail asking you to call us and provide your name and address where you want the demand draft to be sent. After we receive these details, refund will be initiated.

    • For Pay on Delivery orders, refunds will be processed either to your bank account (via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT))
    • Note: Refunds cannot be processed to third-party accounts. The name on your Amazon account should match with the name of the bank account holder.