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Delivery Information

Delivery Policy:

All orders ship same day under these ideal conditions:

If the product and delivery place are same then product will be delivered on same day or next day.

If the product and delivery place are different then product will be delivered within 6 days to 9 days.


·        Our current order volume allows for your shipment to be processed

·        Order information is accurate and able to be verified via our shipping provider

All orders ship via shipping OGOSHIP or Priority mail only. Any orders over 12 oz must be upgraded to Priority Mail and may be subject to additional charges.

During periods of product launches or inventory updates after a long absence of the product there may be additional load on our shipping queue. Please allow us additional processing time to handle the large volume of orders we may be dealing with.

Mcaservice’s return or exchange policy:

Dear customer, some simple restrictions have been placed in order to replace or return the goods purchased from Mcaservice, which are:

·        All products sold on our website can be returned, in certain cases, and 12 hours before the time of receipt. Hospital items products (unless expired at the time of delivery) and personal products (for example footwear, and garments) can be returned if it’s not the exact size as per the order. Hardware products cannot be returned or exchanged.

·        Products that are fraudulent, counterfeit, defective or do not conform to the specifications mentioned on the Mcaservive website may be returned or exchanged.

·        The product must be returned in the original condition in which it was received.

·        The process of refunding the value of the product to the customer begins after the result of the quality inspection and acceptance of the returned product. After completing the inspection process, you have the right, dear customer, to receive the price of the goods that were returned in the same way that it was paid.

·        All amounts paid are non-refunded in full without deducting any fees such as card fees, shipping.

·        The price of the return will be refunded within ten days from the date of accepting the return.

·        We may offer you a coupon for the value of the product to use in any future purchase experience through Mcaservive the website.


How to return or exchange products

In the case of registering a return request through our customer service on the number recorded on our website and before the expiry of 12-24 hours from receiving the request, and in the event that the request fulfils all the conditions of return, our representative will receive the return from the address registered with us.


·        Some products have a warranty and the warranty period is specified on the product page on the Mcaservive website.

·        To benefit from the warranty, please submit the original invoice to us via email

·        The warranty does not include malfunctions resulting from misuse, improper installation, breakage, irregular electrical current, exposure of the device to liquid substances or computer viruses.

·        We will deliver your orders to anywhere in India through the company’s fleet and in the shortest delivery time.

·        You must sign the receipt of the product on the invoice and it is an acknowledgment that you have received the products in full as indicated on the invoice.

·        If you are not at the specified address, we will deliver the order to any person at this address and sign it on the invoice electronically or on the invoice copy.

·        If the address specified by you has been reached and you are unable to deliver the order, please contact customer service to set another date for the delivery of the order.

·        Shipments that have lost tracking will need to be investigated with shipping OGOSHIP before reaching out to us. We will make our best effort to find any lost mail items.

·        Generally, items that have not received shipping updates for several days are either truly lost or have issues with the shipping barcode on the label.

·        Many items will be delivered later than expected as they fall back on the address written on the label instead of the barcode scanned by the system. Please allow for an additional 7 business days since the last shipping update before.